Circus theatre: The Wind Plays-Vortex

For audiences 15 years and over

When: Saturday-Monday, 21-23 September, 8pm
Where: Salihara, Jalan Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
Further info

Vortex is about a whirlwind and humanity’s struggle in its midst. The actor, aided by a number of stage properties, plays with the wildly whirling wind—or maybe in reverse: the vortex is playing with the actor. It is a struggle, to court death or to find a way to survive the vortex.

Compagnie Non Nova is a circus-theater troupe founded by Phia Ménard in 1998. With Phia Ménard serving as its artistic director, the troupe has worked on diverse multi-disciplinary projects with many different artists. Past projects include Position Parallèle au Plancher/Perillous Parallel Position and ICE (2008). They have performed in no less than 41 countries around the world.

circus theatre salihara


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