Cassette Store Day 2013

When: Saturday 7 September, 4-10pm
Where: Saffron Bistro, Jalan Kemang Raya No. 16, Jakarta
Further info

Following on from the success of “Record Store Day”, “Cassette Store Day” will be celebrated simultaneously around the world.

Indonesian people grew up listening to recordings on cassettes – for over thirty years, people were more familiar with the cassette tape to listen to music than LPs.

Cassette Store Day aims to evoke the memories and passion of music in tape format as well as introducing this format to the younger generation.


  • Jakarta -based band, The Sastro. They were active in the independent scene of the mid 2000s and will appear again for Cassette Store Day after a few years absence.
  • Other performers will include bands and musicians who have released albums on cassette format throughout 2013 including Pandai Besi and Sawi Lieu.

Visitors who come to Cassette Store Day will not be charged but please bring along a tape, old or new, to exchange with other visitors.

Play-Pause-Rewind-Fast Forward-Stop!

cassette store day poster


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