Goodnws 2nd Anniversary

When: Saturday 15 June, 10pm
Where: Nutmeg Cuisine, Oktroi Plaza, Jl. Kemang Utara Raya No.1, Jakarta
Further info

Goodnws is mixing all events together to celebrate their 2nd anniversary – from TUNE IN, BEAT INSTALLMENT, and BASSMENT into 1 night of diversity featuring Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Afro Beats, Boogie, Disco, Hip Hop, Minimal, Deep House, Beats, Future Music and beyond.

ORGANIC x ELECTRONIC: 4 Turntables x 2 mixers + live instrumentations

1. REI (Fourthcity, Seattle)
2. Markus
3. Archie

1. Punang

Live Musician
1. Disto (Percussion)
2. REI (DJ + Live PA)

Visual Jockey (VJ)
1. Yoghurt

Goodnws Flyer


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