Back to the roots: KunoKini celebrates 10 years

When: Wednesday 29 May, 6pm
Where: My Mate Cafe & Entertainment, Bintaro Sektor 3A, Tangerang
Further info

Ok, yes. It is a hike down to Bintaro/Tangerang area…but I guarantee this will be worth it.

KunoKini fuse traditional instruments from both inside and outside Indonesia with contemporary music maintaining the roots of Indonesian culture. Listen to them.

You’ll be rewarded with:

  • documentary premiere of “Beautiful Energy” and the trailer of KunoKini’s concert “Reincarnation”
  • collaborations with Sanggar Tari Legong (Legong Dance Studio), Undercover Brother, Fitter Heppier, Ras Muhamad RI, Mata jiwa and Leonardo Ringo
  • appearance by Sadiz Jamaica Reggae

backtotheroots kunokini


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