W_Music’s Cliff Notes Vol.6: Jedimonk (Nasa) and DJ Klapr

When: Friday 24 May, 7pm
Where: Cafe Mondo, Jl Kemang Raya No.72i , Jakarta Selatan

W_Music’s Cliff Notes is a monthly music event at Kemang’s Cafe Mondo with a simple goal: a place where people can get-together and relax while nodding their heads to various styles of music booming through the speakers.

Jedimonk (Nasa): One of Jakarta’s finest and purest hip-hop disc jockeys, Nasa began his DJing career in 1997 in Jakarta before moving to the UK for 3 1/2 years. While in the UK DJ Nasa was greatly influenced by the skills of the DJ’s around him and the music they played. Taking an interest in the technical aspects of DJing, Nasa has been refining his scratch techniques over the past five years after moving… back to Jakarta. Since a child Nasa always took an interest in music, playing around with his fathers collection of old Jazz and other genres. With his true love lying in the area of DJ Breaks and Grooves DJ Nasa’s musical interest is vast, spanning from Acid Jazz to House to Drum & Bass and Hip Hop.

DJ Klapr: Klapr was born in Jakarta, Indonesia 1986. From long before he become a DJ, he used to breakdance with his friends and learned music from the culture. Growing up listening to all kinds of music, such as hip hop, funk, ambient, soul, blues, and jazz, he decided to learn to be a DJ. Finally after gruesome years of practice and digging, in 2005 he started introducing himself as DJ KLAPR and start his voyage by making mix-tapes and play at underground parties.




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