Urban District: photography, fashion, music

When: Sunday 26 May, from 5pm
Where: THE FOUNDRY NO. 8, Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman (SCBD), Lot. 8 Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-55, Jakarta
Further info

Photography Exhibition by Arief Irdan/ Muniq Production

Fashion Illustration by Talitha Maranila

50% discount on local brand fashion: Oline Wardrobe, Kle, RAD, KALA, Identite, Mary & Elise, SABS, Danjyo Hiyoji, Harana, Two, RnW, Coco By The Sea, Dessy Natalia, House of Jealouxy, Ciel, Monday to Sunday, Geulis, dan Agree To Shop

MUSIC by Gema (Foundry 8), Anzamarch (Junko/ Foundry 8), Adit (Junko), dan Adit (Quirk It)

foundry urban district


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