sMart dialogue art market and exhibition

When: Saturday 18 May, 10am to 9pm
Where: Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace, Jl. Kemang Selatan 99 A ( depan Habibie Centre /Jl Benda )
Further info

sMart dialogue is an art market and exhibition that is held by Dia.Lo.Gue artspace twice yearly, as part of Dia.Lo.Gue’s vision of providing an artspace that can support dialogue between artists and designers with the public. More than just a bazaar or sales event, sMart aims to socialize art and design as part of everyday life by posing as a channel for a variety of innovative and interesting products at affordable prices. These include art pieces and prints, fun collectible items, home accessory products, furniture and even fashion.

10.00 art activities for kids by kutak katik
11.30 workshop gudily gudily craft corner
12.30 live performance white shoes and the couples company
14.30 tobucil yubiami finger knitting
16.00 live performance the alaistar
18.00 exhibition opening “The Pavlov’s Dog” by Hilman Hendarsyah
19.00 live performance no border quartet

• Tobucil • Giffa • .Aksara. • Kala Jewelry. • Ruru shop • Paper pleased • Tuwahardo • Bagel Bagel • Studio Hanafi • Kutak Katik • Ecsatic syndicate • Isrol • Western Hotdog • Dokjim • Lekat • Matoa •

sMart dialogue 2013


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