JFCC Charity Jam 2013

When: Saturday 20 April, doors open at 7pm and first band is on at 8pm
Where: Akmani Hotel, Jalan Wahid Hasyim No. 91, Menteng
Further info

The JFCC has organised another showcase of local music. After four years, the JFCC Charity Jam in Memory of Tim Mapes is still going strong – honoring a former Jakarta-based correspondent for the Wall Street Journal who died from brain cancer in 2010 at the age of 42.

Tim was a big fan of Slank and other Indonesian bands, and it is in that spirit that the JFCC brings you this annual charity event. Proceeds will go to the JFCC Memorial Fund for the training of Indonesian journalists.


  • Sigmun – a group of four 20-something musicians united by their love of Zeppelin and Sabbath
  • Negative Lovers – their music is in a class of its own, equal parts psychedelia, garage rock and ‘60s chic
  • Jirapah – experimental, frontman Ken Jenie’s life-long interest in composing has produced a sound that he calls “raw and heavy on the reverb and delay”
  • Jamie Aditya – his debut album “LMNOP” is a soulful romp where Motown meets Curtis Mayfield. For the gig, his first in two years, Jamie has put together a solid ensemble from Jakarta to help him funk it up and bring down the house.

JFCC charity jam


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