Gagal Disko launch party

When: Saturday 13 April, 9pm
Where: Yeyo, Jl. Senopati No. 64, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Further info

Gagal Disko is a series of parties starting in Jakarta and Bali. The name – meaning failed disco – is about not taking oneself too seriously and breaking some rules.

Those behind Gagal Disko party in Jakarta’s clubs and bars and have been feeling like something is missing – variety and lightness.

So they’re about making a difference; shaking, mixing and blending anything as long as the music flows and people struggle to keep still.

“We want to have fun in the company of people from different walks of life. Are you a hipster, a lawyer, an artist, a bank cleric or a sunburnt bule? If you like to party and have a sense of humor – join us.”

Mixing music – funk, house, hip-hop, swing, disco, afro-beat and even rock’n’roll – all in one night. Imagine images projected onto walls and secret guests.

The party mood: up and light. And…quite silly.

“Because we figured – life is too short.”

DJ’s featured are Gagal Disko favourites: versatile REI and Bima, completed with a mini set from Gagal’s own Sputnik.

Visuals by the one & only Johny Grim.

Follow Gagal Disko on FaceBook

and Twitter: @Gagal_Disko

Poster Gagal vinyl_NEW


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