Bassment: underground vibes of house, garage, broken beat, bass, minimal tech

When: Saturday 9 February, 9pm
Where: Capocaccia, Pacific Place, Jakarta
Further info

Vision: To spread the movement of underground House, Garage, Broken Beat, Bass, Minimal Tech and anything in between.

REI (Fourthcity, Seattle)

REI is known for his eclectic DJ set, he always tries to introduce new sound to his mix, pushing the sound of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Disco, Boogie, Hip-Hop, Broken Beat, Beats, House and anything that related to progression of all genres of music above.

Jhudeth (Adroitz)

Started djing in 1996 as a bedroom DJ, and began to play at clubs and parties in 1998. As part of the co-founder of Adroitz, jhudeth has been consistently electrifying the house music scene in L.A. His presence is recognized by the combination of deep, Jackin, funky, jazzy and soulful tunes that will set the mood and define the sound of Adroitz.


Having grown-up on 90s R&B and Neo-Soul, deejaying Jungle and UK Garage in 2002, Dubstep in 2004, he is continually learning and growing musically. A product of these influences, Mils’ sound can best be described as; melodic, diverse, bassline driven urban dance music.



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