Escape#3: Blues rock, indie, folk, dub reggae and a little art

When: Saturday 2 February, 3pm
Where: Trick Art Gallery, West Mall, Grand Indonesia, 5th Floor
Further info

Brought to you by we.hum collective.

Escape is a Humming Mad event in collaboration with QUB TV, an online TV channel showcasing acoustic video performances from Indo bands.

70’s Orgasm Club is a blues rock band from Bandung specialising in rock songs from the 70s.

Marcel Thee – nuanced Folk, Lo-fi and a lil bit gospel.

Young de Brock is a blues rock band influenced by older bands like The Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.

Then you’ve got Titotessa – a folk ballad duo.

And then there is Cek Ombak (dub/reggae), art and J-Town Urban Da’Crew Custom Toys Exhibition.



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