Buzzway rekomendasi – 18-24 December

What are you up to this week? Woooowweeeeee Jakarta is kicking off the holidays with a bang!


Start the week off slowly, with Nady Azhry’s solo exhibition Sharing Happiness.


The usual night of local Indo indie music at demajors for POP UP! Support the local scene. Go on, you know you want to.


For the end of the world, you’ve got a couple of options: No Way Back – a night of heavy soul, hip hop, jazz, reggae, deephouse, disco, afro, dubstep and funk.

Or you can go with Play It Loud giving you disco, deep house and acid house.

They’re both in Pacific Place so you can try both. Dance. Until the world ends.


Jakarta’s darling (and my personal fave) Lucy in the Sky is celebrating it’s 1st anniversary in typical style. Lost Circus. Sounds sexy. And fun.


Get your funk on at Kemang’s very own Block Party. GOODNWS and Treehouse are providing you an afternoon/evening of funk and soul in tribute to James Brown and Curtis Mayfield. Woo!


Indie rock electro party. This sounds like my kind of party. Kick off the silly season and the week with Monday Mayhem. I want to go to this.

and then we EAT. and EAT. and EAT some more. Yeaaahhhhh.



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