Buzzway rekomendasi – 27 Nov – 2 Dec

What are you up to this week? It’s a big one…and don’t forget the European Film Festival all week!


“As far as their live shows go, you can’t get any more sensational” – works for me. Gablé, tonight in the carpark of Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM).


Hump day just got perky with Karizma at the helm for Bluemotion’s New York Downtown Rhythm party.


The sweet and sour story of sugar. A collaborative photography investigation project. Till 14 December.


Pop, disco, funk, house, techno. Yep, am in. Strip Steve‘s BCKYRD DISCO.


Lovely Indo indie. Silent! – showcasing all that is sweetly musical in post-rock, shoegazing, etc.


Round it all out with a bang. Hip hop style at Crimescene Trilogy: the hip hop version.

and then try get as much sleep as you can until it all starts again Monday…


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