Buzzway rekomendasi – 12-18 November

What are you up to this week? How about…


Come and check out the awesome new music this city has to offer at the 13th A Music Network Gig, Pisa Cafe in Menteng.


Hmmm where do we start? And remember – Thursday is a public holiday…

If Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu are fans then so am I. Omar, a UK Nu Soul originator, playing Wednesday night at Rooftop at Papilion.

With your dancing shoes firm and fast, swing over to Lucy in the Sky to catch Oliver $, a Berlin house master.


Missed him on Wednesday night? Omar is doing a sunset show at Portico tonight. Should be sweetly soulful.


I love the sound of this – Sirkus Sirkusan. Art, music, film, bazaar. All in the comfort of a most beautiful backyard.

and then try get as much sleep as you can until it all starts again Monday…


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