Buzzway rekomendasi – 5-11 November

What are you up to this week? How about…


Make your way down to Salihara, sample some of their delicious nasi goreng and check out Nasirun’s exhibition (until 8pm). Salihara is a place you need to get to know.


A night of post-rock (for those not sure of such terms, think instrumentals that smooth out your insides) at demajors with Humming Mad #5 WAVES.


Erasmus Huis has some lovely sounding jazz with the multi-talented Karsu Dönmez – singer, pianist, composer, arranger and lyricist.


Friday night = dancing. Agrikulture will be playing retro modern electronic sounds with edgy rock, funk and soul rhythms at Turn on Plastic @ Blowfish.


Get behind up-and-comers and the old-timers at Djakarta Artmosphere which brings senior musicians and artists that are only just entering the music industry collaborating to create sweet, sweet music.


Iron out your weekend Superbad! style. Live independent Indo music.

and then try get as much sleep as you can until it all starts again Monday…


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