What-A-Cinema!: I can’t tell you what will be showing…or where…

With a mission to break down the wall between audience and entertainment and enhance the film-going experience through visual art, live performances, theatrical elements and a community atmosphere – What-A-Cinema! sounds like my kind of fun.

A new, bi-monthly, pop-up cinema for Indonesian film-lovers, What-A-Cinema! will immerse you in the world  of film in a series of unique locations.

This first secret screening, honouring Halloween and local filmmakers, is a secret local horror movie in a secret location…

I like surprises!

If you’re going, you’ll get all the details you need.

There’s a camping theme and a haunted wood too – with prizes for your camping costume. Not sure I have much in the way of a camping kit over here but I’m sure I can find something.

Interested? There’s a few tickets left (50,000rp). Grab them by SMSing: +62 813 1980 8834 with the format below:

WAC!3Nov. Name. Email. Mobile Number. No. of persons
E.g: WAC!3Nov. Daisie Santoso. daisie@wac.com. 081319808834. 1 person.


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