Review: Embassy EDM Orchestra Dome Party

Enter: a giant installation of letters warns you to “FEEL THE BLAST” – an elaborate setup akin to a nicotine charged theme park. Central to all this was the Dome looking like a mentholated igloo with marshmellow-eye bulbs on either side, surrounded by icy, blasty fun carnie activities and a silent disco.

If you can look past the unashamedly in-your-face promotion of yet another cigarette product on the market, you were celebrated with a silent disco – 3 Dj’s playing Hip Hop & Electronica – and the main event – a live ensemble: 3 strings, 3 horns, 2 percussion, 1 guest guitarist, 1 on the keys, 1 DJ and 3 pretty sharp vocalists.

The dome – which could have doubled as a James Bond bad-guy arctic lair was packed to the stage with people, and all the makings of a crazy dance party. As the live music starts tickling our dancing bones, a dedicated bunch of people stand stagnant with their hand-phones at arms length taking grainy, low light, audio distorted video for who knows what reason.? Fuck! That bugs me, why go to the most beautiful white sandy beach, then stay inside your villa revelling in the fact you caught the moment on pamphlet!?? Is it so hard to just BE HERE NOW? Zennnnnnn.

Live music of almost any genre fills my heart, leaving you satisfied because you loved watching a bunch of people who made making music look so effortless because they love doing it. For its rarity; live electronic music, executed well seems that much more satisfying.

I love this place.


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